Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountryI’ve been in Georgia for sometime now. With family and friends all over the US, I feel like I’m usually in a different state once a month. Besides my quick visit to “Paris” two weeks ago, I haven’t really traveled too far from home this past month. Instead, I’ve been on the road a lot visiting different parts of Georgia. A couple of weeks ago, Robert and I headed to the countryside of Georgia and it was not Hartwell. Have you ever been to Hartsfield, Georgia? 

We loaded up our pups and off we went to south Georgia. Hartsfield is about 30 miles south of Albany, which felt like forever away from Atlanta. We made a pitstop where Monkey and Jack ran around with their new friends while everyone briefly worked. Then we headed to our final destination for the day, where we stayed the night in a house that was built over 103 years ago. Here are some pictures I’ve captured during our trip to the countryside. Enjoy!

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountryMonkey chowing down beside her buddy

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountrysideJack swore he was a horse

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountrysideJack talking smack to his best friend

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountrysideDebbie’s grandparents house built 103 years ago

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountryFirst one I’ve ever seen in person

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountrySunset behind these antique gas barrels

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-CountryThis house was fully renovated but the original walls and brick fireplaces still stand inside

Hartsfield-Georgia-Horses-Albany-Countryside-AirstreanRyan’s future home

We’ve been on the road a lot this month. Stay tuned for more travel diaries.

Best, Toto