Valentine-Brownies-@natashakotto Valentine-Brownies-@natashakottoValentine-Brownies-@natashakottoValentine-Brownies-@natashakotto Valentine-Brownies-@natashakottoI’ve been in the Valentine spirit when it comes to baking this week. I made birthday cake truffles dipped in white chocolate and sadly devoured them all before the Valentine’s weekend. Then, I wanted to create a festive, easy treat to share and decided to make a box of walnut brownies. There’s no denying that box mixes are delicious and simple to make.

To turn a regular brownie into a super cute Valentine brownie, I added a few additional steps to the process to make them Valentine ready. I cutout heart shaped brownies with three different size heart shaped cookie cutters. Next, I topped the brownies with vanilla frosting and decorated each with colored sprinkles. It’s a fun and simple way to create a Valentine treat. I took them to the office and they were scarfed down immediately by customers. These heart shaped brownies turned out to be the perfect sweet to make for the Valentine’s Day week.