Flares, chunky heels, and shag cover-ups are a few things that define my 70’s flare.

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Fringe Jacket: c/o Revolve (on sale!) | Tank: Lululemon (s/o similar) | Jeans: Nordstrom | White Crossbody: Forever21 | Leather Infinite Necklace: c/o Target | Gold Necklaces: Inquire 

A few weeks back, my fiancé and I did a quick photoshoot in Hartwell to highlight one of my favorite trends, 70’s. While hanging out in the front of the house thinking about the right setting, we realized how much we have always loved the antique pieces in the front yard. It is sad that they rarely get the attention that they deserve. That is when we had the pup pups get involved and came up with some fun pictures. 

It is easy to overlook everyday things that we see but do not really notice. Being mindful of  surroundings and appreciating the small things can emotionally, mentally, and spiritually transform ones life. Things that you never thought can be useful or beneficial to your life, at times, can in fact make a positive impact, even if it is only a prop. Imagine the amount of beauty you can find if you actually take a moment to seek it.

Monkey and Jack sure had a good time on their ride through the country. 

Happy Monday, folks! Life is beautiful.